A Closer Look At Ravalia's Restaurant

By April Smyth | Business Snapshot

In September 2009, Katie and Matt Mikeska opened a full-service restaurant in the heart of downtown Blairsville, offering a cozy eat-in experience, takeout and even catering. Because Katie’s family has been in the restaurant business since she was born, she grew up helping out and working in the business. Prior to opening Ravaila’s, she worked in her Dad’s restaurant. She reports, “I always seemed to excel and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.”

Katie Mikeska recalls, “I remember when I first opened. It was a crazy Friday night and my mom stopped me for a second and made me look out into the dining room. It was full of smiling families eating and sharing a moment together. It felt amazing! I believe good food brings people together.”

Ravaila’s is known for their generous portion size and the superior quality food. Katie feels the same way about her customers as she does guests in her home. She wants her guests to feel comfortable, have a good time and go home with a full belly. Katie leaves the kitchen to talk with her patrons whenever possible to add to the welcoming experience of dining at Ravaila’s.

She also takes pride in her staff and the customer service they provide to customers. “I have the most amazing staff,” Katie states, “They are professionals at their craft and they have rarely let me down. Most of my employees have been with me for years and running the restaurant would be impossible without them.”

Finding the balance between running a business and raising their family when both require constant attention has been a challenge for the Mikeska’s. Now that their children are getting a little older, things are becoming easier and the two work well together to make sure their professional and family life is harmonious.

Katie would like to continue to expand Ravaila’s business and hopes to incorporate a liquor license and live music for entertainment within the next five years. She hopes to become known as a hub for all musical artists to express themselves.

Matt and Katie are passionate about A New Leaf Recovery, a non-profit Recovery Community Organization that is trying to change the current way we treat those with Substance Abuse Disorder. The duo donates much of their spare time to the New Leaf Community Centers, in an effort to help those battling addiction and raise awareness within the community.

Come and enjoy this casual dining experience from Monday through Saturday, 11 AM to 8 PM at 59 West Market Street in Blairsville. Call 724-459-6400, visit, or follow Ravaila’s Restaurant on Facebook for more information.