A Magical Night in Aultman

By Abraham Kline

Winter can be a bit of a brutal time for anyone with a compromised immune system, as viruses tend to spread quickly this time of year. Everything around us becomes one giant icicle! That's okay though because as the temperatures drop and we draw closer to the dead of the winter season, we also get one step closer to Christmas!

With the holiday season comes widespread festiveness that unites us, and despite the cold, gives us a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. Many places celebrate the joy of the season by holding community light-up nights throughout the country. For the town of Aultman, Light-Up Night took place on Saturday, December 8 at 7 p.m., and was hosted by Aultman Community Park and Trail and the Aultman Volunteer Fire Department.

Festivities included a walk into a magical winter wonderland, complete with a nativity scene and an area designated for Santa Clause to meet with the kids and hand out gifts. Christmas Carolers with the Aultman Baptist Church Choir set the tone for the evening, followed by a parade and tree lighting.

After that, excited children sat on Santa's lap and received an early Christmas present from him. Many people ventured into the fire hall, where a bake sale and concessions were available, including hot dogs, nachos and cheese, and hot chocolate. Outside, a bonfire was keeping folks warm, and marshmallows were toasted to perfection. Toward the end of the evening, a raffle of gift baskets and 50/50 tickets was held.

The Fourth Annual Aultman Light-Up Night drew about 200 people throughout the night. The Aultman Community Park and Trail and Aultman VFD would like to thank all attendees and volunteers that made the event possible.


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