A Place to Call Bus Stop

by Abraham Kline

If you've ever met an old person before, you may have heard of how things used to be. Of course, with today's access to Social media, one needs not look any farther than typing the hashtag #todayskidswillneverunderstand to learn that the good old days were miserable and that your generation's music is just noise. One cliche that you may remember is the story of how school kids used to walk to school, uphill, both ways. As modernity reared its ugly head on society, children were suddenly being transported by buses, and were simply forced to stand at a bus stop to wait for such conveniences.

This is fine, except for the fact that school is conveniently scheduled only during the coldest, wettest, and windiest times of the year. For some, there would come a desire to lessen these harsh conditions. One such place was in the little town of Aultman.

Back around the early spring of 2017, some kids in the town approached local resident Stacy Beck about the possibility of having a bus stop shelter. For many years, kids have been meeting on Entry Road to be picked up by the local Smith Bus company, but many have had to just stand there through all the many seasonal conditions.

After some time of planning and securing finances, Construction was soon under way. The structure itself was built by Stacy Becks father, Jim Dawson, who also helped fund the project. Other donations came from the Aultman Parks Department and the Aultman Volunteer Fire Department. Stacy and her husband Gregory Beck worked on the trim and staining of the wood. Additional work was completed by Levi Vought who supplied electricity and Pete Fisher who helped move gravel.

All in the all, the Aultman Bus stop was completed in about a month shortly after the start of the new school year. According to Stacy and others, the kids have really enjoyed having the bus stop.


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