A Video Store for the Whole Family

By Abraham E. Kline

For those of us who grew up or lived in the 1990s, few things could provide a fun night like going to the local video store to rent the latest movie releases.  Half the fun was the ride there, coupled with browsing through the multiple choices available.  Once you made your choice, you might pick out a few snacks to munch on during the movie. You'd bring the video up to the clerk, who probably knew you by name. Then you'd pay for the video and be on your way to a fun night of entertainment. 

Over the years, the video store began to become less common. People started renting DVDs through the mail, and eventually online. Today, streaming services have become the main source of movie rentals. Netflix went from being a rental through the mail, to now streaming thousands of hours of content for a flat monthly fee. Other similar services now offer original shows and movies in the same format.  Blockbusters, that were once the giant in video rental, now has only one store remaining in Bend, Oregon.  

However, despite the many changes through the years, video stores are still here. In fact, the Family Video franchise of stores still has around 700 locations throughout the Midwest and East Coast. One of those stores is presently located at 1235 Oakland Avenue in Indiana, PA.   Since 2006, Family Video in Indiana has been offering a large variety of rentals, along with special offers and deals to keep people coming back.  

Some of those deals include the two for one section, rent three get one free, and pay $10 get half off on everything you rent for 30 days.  One of the stores most frequent customers are referred to as the "Cable Cutters". These are people attempting to save money from cable, who will rent multiple movies for a few dollars, and have entertainment for the entire week.  They also look at the affordability in family entertainment. For around $10, a family can rent three movies a bucket of popcorn, and some candy. 

Aside from the movie rentals, Family Video in Indiana also has other inventory. As mentioned, the store has a number of special candies and popcorn available. They also sell CBD products.  This came about; because the CEO of the store had been using the products himself. They eventually made it available at the store through the company Natural Native.  

Aside from the many deals and products available, Family Video looks at the personal touch as their biggest key to success.  The ability to deal with someone who will know your name or remember you from last time gives the store something special from other places.  

Family Video in Indiana truly is a novelty industry. It's one that's takes many back to their childhood days. Of course, under the present circumstances, Family Video stores are temporarily closed. But when this is all over (which we hope is soon), they'll be there ready for business. So when that time comes and you're wondering what to do on any given night, why not stop by the Family Video. While you're there grab some snacks and rent a movie or two.


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