“When the Pain of Staying the Same is Greater than the Fear of Change”


Elaine Nitse

My life is always changing and creating an incredible journey; however, in 2017 I finally had the chance to make a major change to my life and career. For 21 years now, I have owned and operated my own business as an Independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultant, taking that to many different levels within the leadership path of the company.

When it all began, I simply wanted products at a 50 percent discount and to provide a little extra cash for my life. The job I had as a meter reader in Pinedale, WY (77 miles south of Jackson Hole, WY) was fabulous. As a huge tomboy who wore no makeup let alone knew what a skin care program was, why would I want to work at my cosmetic business? After all, I was getting paid a very healthy wage with incredible benefits, all while driving around a stunning county, having access to phenomenal views of the area, and being outside every day of my life. To me, it was the perfect job. Then the corporate world kicked in, the company was bought out and my job was eliminated.

This is the point where I had a reality check of what other employers had to offer. So, three years into working for peanuts and less than exciting opportunities with other companies while still using my business as the personal use level, I went to a Mary Kay seminar and received a vision of what the company really had to offer.

What an exciting chapter the next 15 years had to offer, moving up the ladder into the leadership position of Director, working my business as a business instead of a hobby and leading a team of women. This part of my journey also led me to earn the use of over five Mary Kay career cars, and even leading other women to do the same. I also earned the National Court of Personal Sales nine times, in which one personally sells over $40,000 retail worth of products in a year and the company awards you a real diamond ring or cash option. My life was flying high.

The beauty of this business is one of freedom, you can move anywhere in the United States that you please and take it with you, you have the privilege of keeping your customers because we do not have set territories. You can promote yourself because of no glass ceilings or change positions within the leadership and control the speed in which you work, and yet you still have a fully functioning business. It really flows with your life. It’s up to you to stay connected with the company, be trained and find what benefits you. Your business, your life, and you are in the driver’s seat.

Around 2014 life changed again and I shifted directions to focus on my health. During this process, it gave me a chance to reflect on what I felt was missing or needed to be changed for my purpose. It took me until 2017 to fully manifest the change I wanted. That was when I uprooted myself and moved to Ligonier, Pennsylvania.

Now mind you, prior to driving across the state line on December 28, 2017, I had never been to Pennsylvania. A single woman, just basically starting off on a journey of adventure and exploration into the sector of faith and spiritual growth more so that career expansion. What a thrill. My family, all of which is out west, and friends were in amazement and/or thought I lost my mind. The two friends I did know here both live in Cherry Tree, PA and were my guides in getting me into the right place in this beautiful state.

Everyone I have met since I came here has been more than willing to help me. Each person playing a critical role in leading me to my next step, including joining the Women’s Business Networking group. That is where I met Kimberly and was invited to be a part of the Yinzer Magazine features.

The most rewarding parts of being in this business are personal growth and the people I meet. With this company you are in business for yourself; however, not by yourself. There is always someone to reach out to who will help lift you to your next success.

The biggest challenge that I have ever experienced and still tend to experience from time to time is that of believing in myself. During this 21-year period, I have worked my business with kids, marriage, owning another business at the same time, traveling the world, becoming single and all other aspects of living. Now, where do I see myself in five years? That is yet to unfold, life is not a destination, but a journey that will evolve and change as I develop as a person.

The Mary Kay brand of cosmetics and skin care come in a wide variety of products, however, what really keeps this company ahead of the game is the personal service provided.

You are encouraged to schedule a personal skin care/color consultation, which is by appointment only, and try the products on. I suggest doing this at least once a year. There is such a wonderful sense of self when you are at your consultation and learn ways to use the products to fit your personality and taste of style. Whether you just want a daily routine or special occasion look, Mary Kay has something for everyone.

Do the products you use to offer you a 100 percent guarantee and are you able to truly sit down with your consultant and discuss what you want and what you expect? Does your brand stay current with changes in products and technology? Mary Kay does!

• Skin Care: choices for all ages and stages of skin care needs, including a men’s line

• Color Cosmetics: including eye shadows, cheek colors, foundations (in many shades and formulas), concealer, under eye correctors, highlighters, contour colors, mineral powders, translucent powders, five different kinds of mascaras, eyeliners, brow liners, brow tint gels and more

• Hand, body and lip care products

• Beauty tools such as brush kits and travel bags

• More than most people imagine

Today’s Mary Kay products are not “your grandmother’s products” of yesteryear. You can get a personal consultation by appointment (times and days vary), or shop 24/7 on my website.



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