Evergreen After School Club Adds 'Evergreen Explorations' to its Curriculum

Evergreen After School Club, through a grant from the Indiana County Endowment, plans to incorporate a new program entitled “Evergreen Explorations” into its curriculum.  

The grant funds would help to pay for Evergreen After School Club to provide a unique and engaging series of field trips to hundreds of students at all six county school district Evergreen After School Club summer programs. 

“This project is designed to assist local organizations in serving a greater number of students through visits while educating students. Evergreen After School Club developed this idea after a conversation with the Historical & Genealogical Society of Indiana County about a possible collaboration” stated David Janusek, EASC Director Of Operations.

Evergreen After School Club Administrators are in discussions to expand upon this idea to include collaborations with other county wide attractions such as the Indiana County Parks & Trails system to ignite the interest and learning of youth in the county who may not have a perspective on the historical and natural amenities in their own community. Lou Sacco, EASC Board President sited, “It was discovered in our quarterly parent and student surveys, that many local families do not venture out to visit these educational sites. Parents cite a lack of capacity in resources, time, and funds to take their children to these educational attractions.”

The Evergreen Explorations program will also help bolster attendance and numbers served for participating Indiana County no profit educational attractions, who often depend on numbers served to secure state and federal funding for operational support.


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