International Opportunities

Updated: Sep 1, 2018

By Abraham Kline

Stelly Gideon

When Stelly Gideon first showed up at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania campus from Indonesia, he wasn’t sure what to expect. Stelly along with 15 other international scholars would be spending one semester on the campus as part of the International Leaders in Education Program (ILEP). During that time they would see the weather change from freezing cold to the early signs of spring (A change in climate, some internationals were not familiar with). They would visit many of the schools in both rural and urban areas as part of the academic exchange, and take special courses created by the University special for them. As part of the cultural exchange, they were offered the chance to be a part of the International Friendship Program (IFP) in which host friends would be matched with them to spend time with during their stay. They would also get a chance to visit places such as Pittsburgh, New York City, and Washington D. C. All of this would come to an end on graduation day where they were recognized for their time spent at IUP.

Of course, to get here was more than a simple task. Out of nearly one thousand teachers who enrolled to be in the program, only 19 from Indonesia were interviewed. Out of that group only eight


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