Joe's Store

By Zach Ruffner

Joe's Store has been a little treasure located at 1310 Monastery Drive in Latrobe since 1955. Ann Fabian is now proud to be the fourth owner of the business. Ann began her journey four years ago, she had previously been employed as a manager at Dino’s Sports Bar for ten years, however, she was ready for a change, and was eager to obtain ownership of the historic Latrobe landmark known as Joe's Store.

Ann was able to acquire all of the original recipes with the acquisition of the business. She and her staff provide a homemade fresh deli, catering services and daily specials. The first of every month they have hand breaded fish that is freshly prepared per individual order. While viewing their Facebook page you will find a long list of delicious offerings, such as, pulled pork, halupki, Salisbury steak and much more. If you ask anyone in Latrobe who has the best ham and chicken salad in town, they will unquestionably reply, “Joe’s Store.” When asked how Joe’s is different than her competition, Ann replied that “all of her deli dishes are homemade, the service is fast and friendly and when you visit her store you are served by a staff that is very welcoming.”

The staff Ann speaks so highly of consists of, Nancy, Ashley, Ian, Tommy, and Brianna. During the interview it was clear to see that Ann’s team holds a special place in her heart. She referred to them as “wonderful and trustworthy.” Also stating that Nancy and Ashley are reliable, hardworking, and honest employees that provide her with added security by doing an amazing job operating the store.

Ann recognizes that the most rewarding part of owning her own business is how accomplished and honored she feels serving such a wonderful community. She is proud that Joe’s Store is family run and oriented and her favorite part of ownership is developing the relationships she has made with her customers. In the future, Ann would like to expand the business by offering additional hot meal selections for her customers to enjoy.

So if you haven’t decided what you’re having for dinner yet, why don’t you take a ride over to Joe’s Store? They’re open Monday to Friday 6am to 7pm, Saturday 8am to 7pm, and Sunday 7am to 5pm. Give them a call to discover more details on the incredible daily specials at, 724-539-5591 or check them out on Facebook. Ann Fabian and her friendly team already have a delicious, homemade meal prepared and waiting for you to take home, from her family to yours!