Making Every Day Count

Updated: Aug 28, 2018

by Abraham Kline |

Kyle Gyenes and his parents.

The typical school year lasts approximately 180 days. Considering, the average person spends 13 years in school from kindergarten to 12th grade, we’re looking at approximately 2,340 days of your life that you spend in school. Considering a child spends approximately 6 hours a day in school for those 180 days, we’re looking at 1,080 hours a year or 14,040 hours over an entire academic career. And when you consider that there are 60 minutes in an hour totaling 842,400 minutes, and 60 seconds in a minute, the total comes to an astounding 50,544,000 seconds spent in school. The occasional flu, or hookie day prevented most of us from ever reaching that goal. We spent at least one or two days a year in the absentee category. And it only takes one absence to tarnish a perfect attendance record.

When it comes to showing up every day counts, and for one local graduate showing up never became an issue. Kyle Gyenes walked across the stage of the Saltsburg High School auditorium and received an award most never do. Perfect attendance through his entire education. Even though Kyle spent much of his young adult life in a classroom, he notes that he prefers the outdoors. His hobbies outside of school include hunting, fishing, riding quads, and other outdoor activities. Kyle sees himself as being just an ordinary guy. “I’m pretty much outside all the time,”

Gyenes, began to realize a few years ago that he had a pretty good attendance record, but it never became a competition for him. According to Kyle, he just kept going to school. Which I guess is the key to such success. The school would award his perfect attendance by giving Kyle a plaque to honor his accomplishment. When asked how he felt, Kyle said, “It was interesting.” His dad Brandon, answered in similar fashion saying, “It’s pretty cool.”

Gyenes also attended ICTC where he studied Heating and HVAC. He’s hoping to pursue that field in the future. Right now he spends his time working at the Kiski Prep School. Who knows what Mr. Gyenes will be doing as the years go on, but chances are he’ll have a pretty good attendance record.


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