New Alexandria Tractor Supply

July 5, 2018 marked the 50th year for New Alexandria Tractor Supply’s farm equipment business! It all began as Route 66 Tractor Supply at Mamont, north of Delmont and expanded over a 22-year period, increasing the business with five more buildings and additions. The location was off the normal traffic pattern but it still did well.

In 1987, their present location at the corner of Route 119 and Route 22 near New Alexandria, PA was acquired. Both locations were in operation until late 1990, when everything was relocated to the current location known as New Alexandria Tractor Supply.

As the business grew again, the owner built 9 additions and buildings for parts, service, storage and manufacturing. In 1995, he started designing and building hydraulic dump trailers. He was able to purchase new equipment, including a 180-ton brake, a 10-foot shear, 16 and 20-inch lathes, as well as many other large machines. Two years later, the hydraulic and crank tilt were designed and production started. This part of the business also evolved.

New Alexandria Tractor Supply also sells open and enclosed trailers to fill all their customer’s requirements, but their primary business is tractor and equipment sales. They sell tractors 25-105 Horse Power that are mostly four-wheel-drive units with loaders, zero turn heavy duty mowers and Woods Brush Cutters and Mowers. Woods products have proudly been offered for 49 out of 50 years of operation. The business deals with over 200 suppliers, most of them for 40 years or more!

Not only has their large, loyal customer base given the store owner and employees a good life in the past, but presumably well into the future too!