Victory Brinker: The Little Opera Singer

By Abraham E. Kline

In every one of us there is a passion. This is that one desire, and sometimes many desires, that give us reason for our existence. It's what gives us reason to start a new day. The problem for some is that they have not found it yet.  Finding our passion could take many years. Yet once we find it, it is the fuel that takes beyond our wildest dreams.  Indeed, for some, finding our passion may take nearly a lifetime. For Victory Brinker, it has been discovered at a very young age. 

Victory has many hobbies and enjoyments that kids her age are in to. She enjoys playing with Legos, Play-Doh, an Slime like nearly every other kid. However, one day, at the age of six, Victory found a new hobby, that quickly became her passion. 

One day she asked her mother Chrissi Brinker if she could watch a video of someone singing high notes. Her mother would show her a video, on YouTube, of someone singing Opera. At that moment she decided she wanted to be an Opera singer. 

With this new found interest now in her, Victory immediately wanted to be in some kind of show to perform Opera.  Nearly a month after seeing the video, Victory was entered in to her first talent contest, at the end of February of 2018.  That night, at the talent show, in Pittsburgh, Victory performed her rendition of Ave Maria. It was her first talent show, and, that night, she won first place.  

From there Victory became addicted, not only to singing Opera, but also talent shows. She wanted to be in more.  Throughout 2018, she would be in 12 total talent shows, and would place first in 11 of them. By April of that same year, just two months after first seeing the video, Victory was given the opportunity to sing at Carnegie Hall in New York City.  This opportunity came after winning a musical competition. She's also had the chance to sing at several Italian Festivals, including at DelGrossos park in Tipton, PA.  

Of course, with all of this opportunity has also brought the need for more practice, and learning of songs. Much of this is taught by her mother, who had experience in both studying and performing music over the years. Chrissi Brinker has also had over 25 years experience in leading worship and directing both youth and adult choirs.  She would point out that many of her children enjoy singing. In fact several of them sing and play piano.  However, Victory has developed an extreme passion for singing and music, even at an early age.

When not being taught by her mother, Victory goes to a teacher in Pittsburgh, who helps to polish up especially in learning the foreign languages.  With Opera being in foreign languages to English, Victory has learned songs in multiple languages including: Italian, Latin, French, and German.  

Learning, for Victory, has been impressively easy.  Chrissi has found that Victory is capable of learning an Italian song within a matter of about two hours.  Within a few days, the song is fully polished and ready to go. Of course, with her growth has come the introduction of more complex music. She no longer learns songs in two days. She now sings coloratura arias which are are much more complex, and can be 6-7 minutes long. These can take weeks to master.  

Aside from music competitions, Victory has had other opportunities including singing the National Anthem at different events.  One of her first opportunities was for the Utah Jazz Basketball teams. Other opportunities came with places like the men's and women's basketball at St. Vincent college, the Washington Wizards, and home baseball opener for the Pittsburgh Pirates in 2019.  

The adventures for Victory would only continue as her parents were soon contacted about the opportunity to be in a short film called Boy Hero -a film that would benefit St. Jude Hospital.  From there two more full length film opportunities would come her way including a Christian film in which she played the main part as Izzy in Helping Izzy. She would then have another short film role in short called Code Red.  Her most recent opportunity came when she made an appearance on the television show, Little Big Shots with Melissa McCarthy.  

As mentioned, Victory has brothers and sisters. All of them are the children of Eric and Christine Brinker. Together they have 11 children with two of them being biological and being adopted. Eric Brinker serves as a Pastor at Impact Church in Greensburg. The family all live together in Latrobe, PA.  

At the time of writing this article, Victory is now eight years old. A lot has happened in just two years. Who knows where her passion will take her from here.


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