Village Cowboy Comes to Town

Updated: Aug 28, 2018

By Abraham Kline |

Frank Marchitelli

Over the past few years Frank Marchitelli has made a pretty good name for himself in the Central Florida area. Known as the Village Cowboy, Marchitelli spends several nights per month singing country and western music in and around the villages of Florida. Two of his regulars are the Old Timers Diner and the Orange Blossom Opry. Of course, Frank says he’s willing to sing just about anywhere. As he put it, “I’ll sing in your house, in your driveway, or on a stage,” said Marchitelli. He keeps pretty busy and even has seven CDs and t-shirts available.

Frank’s other home is his old home of Pennsylvania, and every once in a while makes his way up to do some shows. Most recently, Marchitelli did a few shows in the Saltsburg area in May. Aside from singing, he also came up to do some turkey hunting and trout fishing – just like a real cowboy. While in the area Marchitelli performed three shows: the Point Street Tavern in Saltsburg, the Avonmore Polish Club, and the Mannitto Golf and Country Club in New Alexandria. Each night performing his own cover versions of classic and fairly modern country music.

Following his performances, Frank made his way back to the villages of Florida, always with the hope of coming back for more shows in our area. Those interested in booking Frank for an event can contact his phone number at 352-259-5769.


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